The Dough House was started in 1943 by Mr. and Mrs. Leavitt. Mrs. Leavitt created an original recipe from scratch. Eventually Mrs. Leavitt's son Dave and his wife Liz, took over the business and began traveling to state and agricultural fairs in the state of CT. The Dough House grew in popularity over the years and eventually became a staple part of each fair it was apart of.

Fast forward to 2001 to when The Lanouette's, took over the business. The owner, Michael Lanouette, has been apart of the "fair" industry since he was younger. He had his eye on The Dough House for years, and pounced on the opportunity when he knew Dave was looking to pass it on to someone else.

Over the years, the recipe has been tweaked very little, but enough to make it progressively better. It's still the same Old Fashioned Raised Donut that has been pleasing pallets and hearts since its inception in 1943. 

Ever since The Lanouette family has been running The Dough House in 2001, we've stuck to agricultural fairs in CT. As the years have progressed, people have made it very clear to us what they want: For The Dough House to start doing special events!  It's time to give the people what they want.

Whether you've tasted one (or two or three or four...) of an Original Big Donut by The Dough House you KNOW how special these are. And if you have yet to try one, we can't wait for the day that happens.  

People travel from all over CT and even from out of state to get their hands and mouths on a Big Donut each and every year.  Our testimonials don't lie! It's time for the donuts to evolve. The Dough House is now available for catering and special event bookings. We can't wait to make your special day even more special with an Old Fashioned Raised Donut, Dough House style!